T.I. Net Worth 2024 | Rapper T.I.’s Biography & Income

T.I. Net Worth 2024 | Rapper T.I.'s Biography & Income

T.I. (born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.) is an American popular rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He has released several superhit music tracks which include Trap Muzik, Rubber Bandman, and Urban Legend. T.I is also known as the CEO of Grand Hustle Records. As of 2024, T.I. net worth is estimated to be roughly $50 million US dollars.

So, hey guys in the following article we are going to know about one of the artists who popularized the hip hop subgenre trap music, T.I. We will discuss T.I’s biography, sources of income, what is the exact net worth of T.I? and how he became a popular hip hop artist.


Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. was born on 25 September 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia. His father’s name is Clifford “Buddy” Harris Sr. and mother’s name is Violeta Morgan.

He was raised in Atlanta’s Center Hill neighborhood by his grandparents. Harris attended Douglass High School, but never completed his graduation.

He started rapping at the age of eight by the name T.I. which he peaked from his childhood name “Tip”.


T.I. Net Worth 2020 | Rapper T.I.'s Biography & Income

In 1996, T.I. began his career by selling mixtapes with local rapper Big Kuntry King. He signed with record label Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment and later Arista Records in 1999 and started working on his debut album.

In 2001, he released his first studio album I’m Serious under Arista Records. That album didn’t perform well and sold only 163K records in the United States. And due to the poor performance, T.I. was dropped from Arista Records.

After that, he signed a joint venture deal with Atlantic Records. In 2003, T.I released his second studio album Trap Muzik which peaked at number four position on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 110K copies in its first week.

That album contains many chart-buster singles including Be Easy, Let’s Get Away, and Rubberband Man. His third studio album, Urban Legend debuted at number seven position the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 200K copies in its first week.

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T.i’s fourth studio album King ranked top On Billboard 200 chart and sold over 550,000 copies in its first week. That album earned him worldwide attention, huge fanbase, and several record deals. Later on, he released six more albums from which four albums reached the top five on the Billboard 200 chart.

Besides the albums, T.I. also released and appeared on numerous chart-topper singles which include Bring Em Out, U Don’t Know Me, ASAP, Soldier (With Lil Wayne), Front Back, Why You Wanna, Live in the Sky, My Love (With Justin Timberlake), We Takin’ Over (feat. Akon, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Birdman), You Know What It Is, Swagga Like Us (feat. Kanye West and Jay-Z), Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna), and Remember Me.

He has won numerous prestigious awards and nominations throughout his career including two American Music Awards, three BET Awards, eleven Billboard Music Awards, three Grammy Awards, and eight ASCAP Pop Awards.

How Much Is T.I. Worth?

T.I. Net Worth: According to Celebritynetworth, As of 2024, the estimated net worth of T.I. is nearly about $50 million dollars, making him one of the richest hip hop artists of the planet.

He earns between $20 -$30 million every year from album sales, music shows, and tours. In 2019, he earned over $16 million from various sources.

A huge part of T.I’s income comes from music sales, live music events, television appearances, and movies. He also makes other millions from merchandise sales, brand promotions, commercial ads, and other business ventures.

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Other Details:
  • Age: 43 years
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in
  • Profession: Rapper, Actor, Record Producer
  • Spouse: Tameka Cottle
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Net Worth: $50 million
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