Story of snapchat – How Evan Spiegel founded Snapchat (Snap Inc)

Evan Spiegel


Snacphat is a multimedia messaging application used in all over the world offered/developed by Snap Inc company. it is created by the students of Stanford University Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. Snapchat is now a widely used application in all countries for photo sharing, Instant messaging, Video chat, Multimedia.

It also provides user to use photo sharing to presently featuring users Snapchat Stories of 24 hours time limitation contents. Snapchat CEO and Co-founder Evan Spiegel is the 776th richest person in the world with a net worth of $3.2 billion whose fortune is tied directly to Snap’s stock price.

Evan Spiegel

The early life of Evan spiegel

Evan Thomas Spiegel is an American businessman who is the co-founder and CEO of the American multinational technology and social media company Snap Inc (Snapchat Inc). Spiegel was born in Los Angeles, California, his father John W Spiegel and mother Melissa Ann Thomas both are lawyers by profession.

Spiegel was used to living in Pacific Palisades, California. He took his primary education from Crossroads School for Arts and Science situated at Santa Monica. He was very much interested in Art and Design in his childhood and therefore he took Art and Design classes at the Otis College of Art and Design when he was studying in high school to improve his skills and attended Stanford University.

While he was a student Spiegel worked for many companies because he always wants to learn some new things get a bunch of knowledge, he worked as a paid intern for a biomedical company and had an internship in Red Bull.

How Snapchat Founded

In 2011 when Spiegel was at Stanford University studying product design, he designed a messaging application as his class project with his classmate at the end of 2011 Spiegel met Bubby Murphy and Reggie Brown who are also studying in Stanford University.

Later they became very good friends and they worked together with that project design concept for several months and lunch Snapchat as “Picaboo” on ios platform. Later they renamed it as Snapchat, this app gained much popularity in a very short period of time.

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In 2012 Spiegel dropout from Stanford university without completing his degree to spend more time on Snapchat and to improve the quality of the Snapchat application, in the middle of 2012 he gives his all-time to Snapchat and worked hard to improve user experience on Snapchat Service.

At the end 2012 Snapchat has hit the milestone and had reached 1 Million daily active users from different countries around the world and became one of the most favourite Social Media Plattform of users.

Features of Snapchat

Snapchat is a Multimedia Messaging application for sharing photos, instant messaging, Video chat, one of the best features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients that feature called Snapchat Stories.

One of the most important factors behind Snapchat’s success is the Virtual sticker feature by Snapchat with which the user interaction and user experience became much better and also messaging in social media platform become more interesting and attractive that’s why most of the user prefer Snapchat for communication and media sharing through social media.

Snapchat is primarily used for a multimedia messaging application that referred to photos or short videos, later many attractive features such as a photo or video filters and effects, text captions and drawings are added to it. Posts can be directed to privately selected contacts or to a semi-public or public this feature was introduced for Snapchat stories.

Some best features of Snapchat

  • visual effects and stickers
  • Geofilters (Geographical location)
  • Bitmoji characters
  • Cartoon avatars
  • Lens feature
  • Animated characters
  • My story feature etc

Nowadays there are various games which are being played by social media users or Snapchat users called Snapchat story gamesĀ includes Snapchat question games, snapchat story question (questions for friends, funny questions that you can ask your friend), poll questions and much more.

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