Marriage Termination Options After a Very Short Marriage

Marriage Termination Options After a Very Short Marriage

Sometimes, all it takes is for a couple to tie the knot to realize that they made a terrible mistake. However, unlike with long-term marriages, you have more options at your disposal when you end a short-term marriage (Marriage Termination). Getting help to end a short term marriage will require an attorney so you can find out exactly which approach will work the best.

An Annulment

The judge may issue an annulment when a party raises an issue that brings into question the validity of the marriage. There must be an aspect of the marriage that would make it void. Reasons for an annulment can include:

  • Bigamy
  • Incest
  • Failure to follow proper legal protocol

There may be other issues that may come to light that could void the marriage. For example, one or both of the parties might have been under the age of consent. One of the parties might have lacked the mental competency to make the decision to get married. There might also have been fraud or physical force that lead to the marriage not being one that both parties agreed to.

If one of the partners believes that the marriage is valid, this partner would be considered a putative spouse, but only if that partner believed in good faith that the marriage was legitimate. The advantage of being a putative spouse is that you may be entitled to the benefits that you would receive if your marriage was valid.

Summary Dissolution

A summary dissolution is a very simple type of divorce available to those who have been married for less than five years, do not have any children, and own no real estate together. By having none of these things, divorce becomes much easier. Both parties must waive several of their rights, including the right to support from each other.

Both parties sign an agreement dividing all of their property evenly. They agree to sign any documents, such as signing over any assets before the process continues. A summary dissolution is a fast divorce for couples who want an amicable split.


If neither of the above options is available, the only option is the dissolution of a marriage. A dissolution is an option when one, or both parties wish to obtain benefits from the divorce, such as alimony. However, the length of the marriage plays a role in the dissolution.

Dissolution is always available because all states have some form of no-fault divorce. Some states also allow you to file fault-divorce. In this case, you will be filing based on a specific action that your partner took, such as adultery. No-fault allows you to avoid being forced to separate before the divorce.

Divorce can often be much more complicated than marriage. For this reason, it’s important to speak with a family law attorney who has experience with this area of law. If you choose the wrong type of divorce, there is no way to reverse it once the divorce is final.

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We hope this article will help you end your short-term marriage or resolve your marriage termination issues.

For any help, check out our detailed guide on ending your short term marriage: the definite guide.

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