Dolly Parton Net Worth 2024 | Dolly Parton Income & Biography

Dolly Parton Net Worth 2024 | Dolly Parton Income & Biography

Dolly Parton (born Dolly Rebecca Parton) is an American popular singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress who started her career in the mid-1900s. She is considered as one of the most successful solo music artists of the 1960s. As of 2024, Dolly Parton net worth is roughly $600 million US dollars.

So, hey guys today we are going to know about one of the most popular and successful music artists of all time, Dolly Parton. We will discuss Dolly Parton’s biography, sources of income, what is the exact net worth of Dolly Parton? and how she started her musical career in the mid-1900s.


Dolly Rebecca Parton was born on 19 January 1946, in Pittman Center, Tennessee, the U.S. Her father Robert Lee Parton Sr. was running a small tobacco farm and mother Avie Lee Caroline was a homemaker.

She spent her childhood in a one-room cabin on the Little Pigeon River banks in Pittman Center with her eleven other siblings. Dolly grew up in poverty which she later outlined in her songs “Coat of Many Colors” and “In the Good Old Days”.

At the age of seven, she started writing songs and playing musical instruments. After that, Dolly began performing on local radio and small television programs. She completed her graduation from Sevier County High School.


Dolly Parton Net Worth 2020 | Dolly Parton Income & Biography

Dolly started her career as a songwriter who wrote several super hit singles between 1966 and 1968. At the age of nineteen, she signed to Monument Records and released many popular music tracks including “Happy, Happy Birthday Baby” and “Fuel to the Flame”.

Her 1968’s solo single Just Because I’m a Woman was a huge commercial success and ranked top in several charts including Billboard Hot 100 chart. Between 1968 and 1973, Dolly released numerous solo hits that include Lost Forever in Your Kiss, Touch Your Woman, Burning the Midnight Oil and The Right Combination.

In 1974, she wrote and recorded the song “I Will Always Love You” which debuted at number #1 on the US Billboard chart and earned millions of dollars for her. That same year she recorded three number-one singles on the Billboard country chart i.e. Love Is Like a Butterfly, Please Don’t Stop Loving Me, and I Will Always Love You.

Dolly has composed more than 3,000 songs throughout her career and has over 25 number #1 songs and 110 super hit singles on the US Billboard music charts. That makes her one of the best and most popular female music artists on the planet.

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She is not only the best musician but also a beautiful actor who has starred in several blockbuster hit films. Which includes Steel Magnolias, Joyful Noise, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Rhinestone, Straight Talk, and 9 to 5.

Dolly Parton has won numerous prestigious awards and nominations throughout her career. That include ten Grammy Awards, two Academy Award nominations, three American Music Awards, ten Country Music Association Awards, and seven Academy of Country Music Music Awards.

How Much Is Dolly Parton Worth?

Dolly Parton Net Worth: According to Celebritynetworth, As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Dolly Parton is approximately $600 million dollars.

In the early 1900s, she earned over $10 million in royalties and her net worth was nearly $20 million. But, as of this writing, when she is no more active in the music industry still earns over $30 million every from various sources.

A huge part of Dolly Parton’s income comes from album sales, live music shows, and television appearances. She also makes additional millions from brand promotions, sponsorship deals, and other business ventures.

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Other Details:
  • Age: 76 years
  • Height: 4 ft 11 in
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Net Worth: $600 million
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