50 Cent Net Worth 2024 | 50 Cent’s Income & Biography

50 Cent Net Worth 2024 | 50 Cent's Income & Biography

50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson) is an American popular rapper, singer, actor, and entrepreneur, who has sold over 21 million units of his studio albums.  As of 2024, 50 Cent net worth roughly stands at $30 million US dollars.

So, hey guys today we are going to know about another most popular American rapper 50 Cent. We will discuss 50 Cent’s biography, his sources of income, What is the exact net worth of 50 Cent? and how he became one of the richest rappers in the world.


Curtis James Jackson III was born on 6th July 1975, in the borough of Queens, New York City. Jackson raised in South Jamaica by his mother Sabrina, who was a drug dealer. Sabrina died in a fire accident when Jackson was only 8 years old.

After his mother’s death, Jackson was raised by his grandmother. At the age of 11, he started boxing and began selling drugs at about age 12.

He attended Andrew Jackson High School, where he got arrested by metal detectors for bringing guns, narcotics to school.  In 1994, Jackson was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. After coming from prison he adopted the nickname 50 Cent inspired by Kelvin Martin.


Curtis Jackson

Jackson started rapping in his friend’s basement. He met Jam Master Jay, who was establishing Jam Master Jay Records in 1996. Jackson made his first appearance in “React” with Onyx, in 1998 album Shut ‘Em Down.

In 1999, Jackson left Jam Master Jay Records and signed to Columbia Records. Jackson produced thirty-six songs in two weeks with Columbia Records in New York studio. Jackson’s popularity began to grow in a large number after his successful single “How To  Rob“.

Jackson released his first major-label album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin” with the aid of Eminem. In 2005, Jackson released his second album “The Massacre“, which was a commercial success. He founded his own record G-Unit Records in 2003 and signed Tony Yayo, Young Buck, and others as members of G-Unit.

In 2007, Jackson released his third studio album “Curtis”,  which debuted number two on the Billboard 200 and sold over 691K copies in its first week. The album earned him several awards and nominations.

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He released his fifth studio album, Animal Ambition, in 2014. The album was a critical success and sold over millions of copies worldwide. As of 2019, Jackson is working on his sixth studio album “Street King Immortal”.

Jackson sold over 30 million albums worldwide in his career and became one of the world’s best selling rappers. He also appeared in many movies such as Get Rich or Die Tryin, Righteous Kill, Home of the Brave, etc.


Jackson has won several awards and nominations during his career including a Grammy Award, thirteen Billboard Music Award, six World Music Award and four BET Awards.

50 Cent holds the sixth position for the best artist of the 2000s and 3rd position for the best rapper by Billboard.

50 Cent Net Worth

According to Celebritynetworth As of 2024, 50 Cent has a net worth of nearly about $30 million US dollars. He makes millions of dollars every year from music sales and television shows (Guest Appearance).

A huge part of 50 Cent’s income comes from business deals with several companies. He also makes millions by promoting brands and commercial advertisements.

He has over $410 million worth share in The Coca Cola Company acquired Vitamin Water, which he earned for being their celebrity spokesman.

50 Cent earnings by year:

  • 2010: $8 million
  • 2011: $6 million
  • 2012: $7.5 million
  • 2013: $7 million
  • 2014: $8 million
  • 2015: $4 million
  • 2016: $6 million
  • 2017: $5 million
  • 2018: $4million

In 2015, 50 Cent had faced personal bankruptcy, which affected his net worth by a loss of millions of dollars.

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Other Details:
  • Age: 47 yrs
  • Height: 6 ft
  • Profession: Rapper, Actor, Businessperson
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Net Worth: $30 million
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